Heavy hearted

by Lily on April 3, 2012

My heart is heavy…I guess somewhere inside of us we can’t grasp something of this magnitude… Our Pastors are “not supposed to die”…

The truth of the matter is that he is having a great time in heaven already!!

He changed the way I saw the Bible and Christianity… I used to be that kind of judgmental, self-righteous, Christian who applied mercy onlt to myself and not to others… He made me see how we all need Jesus… especially the ones who think they don’t….

He didn’t know me because I was relatively new to the Church and watched a sermons online mostly… I will miss him… My children (8 yo. and  7 yo) will miss him too…

They liked him so much that they rather stay with me during service than go to children’s Church !! That’s when you know the preacher is good… He captures the attention of the little ones !!!

I am still in one piece but a heavy hearted piece…. My prayers go to his family who most certainly are suffering a lot more than any of us….!!

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