I only met Dave one time…

by curt dodd on April 3, 2012

I only met Dave one time…that’s it, one time. I was introduced to him by my brother in law, whom Dave had given his wonderful gift of friendship and encouragement.

We didn’t talk long, but in the short moments we had together, I knew that if I lived in the Nashville area, we would have become the best of friends.

What a loss to Dave’s family, The Gathering, to the entire Nashville/Franklin community, to his loving and supportive friends and to people like me…whose lives were blessed immeasurably by Dave as our lives intersected for a brief moment in time!

Thank the Lord for the promise of eternal life! I look forward to the day when we meet again and get to ‘hang out again’, not for a moment…but an eternity!

Blessings to the Foster family!

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When we would come to visit our daughter in Nashville, she was always so excited for us to attend her service at The Gathering…she loves The Gathering, she loves Dr. Dave, Paula and the entire Foster family as well the entire Gathering family. Clay & I always felt so blessed that JoJamie found her “home.” We equally felt blessed because we were received with such love and Dr. Dave’s message was always so enjoyable…like chatting with your best friend…it is said that greiving is for those left behind…and that is what is happening here…the greieving will be immense, the loss will be felt for a time, but the true overwhelming joy that you are with our Lord cand only bring peace to our hearts when we are ready to recieve it…it is already there for the taking…Love you Dr. Dave

by Clay & Joanie Hahr on April 3, 2012 at 7:05 pm. Reply #

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