A Small Request of God

by Jeff Williams on April 6, 2012

When the news came today, Tho I refused to accept
True it was, You took a good man home while he slept.
While your plans, I could never doubt; I can only guess
You needed some help up there with some big mess.
But the one you called meant a lot to me and many, many more.
In fact, he’s the reason I darkened your temple door,
This Sunday and many Sunday’s before.
The temple wasn’t much if you were looking for dressy,
And the flock wasn’t either, all sorts of messy
But they came and heard and left believing
That a better life was theirs just for receiving
God’s love and all his blessings,
From a man who lived it, not just window dressings
He’s walked a mile and back in many men’s shoes
Sometimes carrying them and their blues.
And “Everyone Welcome” meant what it said,
Only perfect people need lightly tread.
So, when I’m on my knees, and things are looking grave
I know you’re busy with all those other souls to save.
I won’t be offended, if you’ll just let me talk to Dave.

Jeff Williams

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