Grieving, thankful and blessed…

by Wendy Vassar on April 11, 2012

My heart aches knowing Dave has gone on to prepare a place for us, but it doesn’t make it any easier. God has a plan, but honestly, I’m not liking it right now… I know in my heart he will greet me when I arrive. Harley and all!

I’m so thankful to Dave & Paula for their years of inspirational messages, guidance on how to live a Christian life and motivation that I carried with me each week. Pastor Dave taught me how to live a life God would be proud of, knowing I’m not perfect and loving me anyway. My husband and I were touched by his incredible writing and speaking skills for over 12 years. Our girls found a safe and happy place to learn about God. Meeting in a school? I thought it was crazy, but it led us to Hope Park and we were truly blessed. He reached thousands over the years and loved FB, Tweets and podcasts~ any way to spread the word of God across the world! Yea God!

The Gathering family has meant so much to us over the years, connecting with friends and doing our best to be a Renegade for God.  I had hoped to share another meal with Dave and Paula and/or maybe ride again. He was such a wonderful example of a Godly man and a follower of Christ emulating how a husband and father and friend should be. You wanted to be a better person each week and each lesson seemed directed at me and my situation at the time. He guided me through some of the best and worst moments in my life. I am forever grateful. I loved him and never got the chance to tell him how much he meant to me…He knew how to touch people. It wasn’t what you had, but how you make people feel. He succeeded on all counts. Each time I think of him now makes me smile and cry at the same time.  I aspire to be better… Still in One Peace!

I had a dream several nights ago. Pastor Dave (he loved being introduced as our pastor)  gave me a hug and said everything is going to be alright. Then we sang that great theologian Bob Marley’s song “Every little thing is gonna be alright”!  🙂 Just like him to try to make me feel better…

Much love and many prayers for Paula, Erin, Lindsey and Paige and their husbands. I cannot fathom their loss. I pray for our church as we grieve. We’re all better by having known him, thankful and blessed to have had him enrich our lives. I am so sorry for our loss.

I need another tissue… Love and Light, Wendy

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