Great From the Start…

by JasonHale on April 9, 2012

My very first memory of Dave came on my second or third visit to BCC around 2000ish. I was sitting near the back, as any messed up person would, and I keep hearing this person back behind be hooting & hollering and singing as loud and they could. I turned around to see who it was… it was Dave. He was dancing around having a big ole time back there. Of course he saw me turned around and looking to see who was making the ruckus! Once I turned around he started hooting & hollering and singing even louder! I can still see that mischievous look on his face when he saw me looking!

Since those days I have changed my life completely around from a time when I hated every single second of my existence to now where I honestly feel that am living my dreams with my amazing children and my truly unbelievably rock solid wife. All things that I never thought I could ever attain before but Dave led me to believe that I was somebody and I meant something in this world. Yea God!

Heaven sure has gained a valuable new member.

Go get ‘em!!

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