Another Life Changed Forever

by jennybrinkman on April 7, 2012

I grew up in a very “religious” household.  I have no positive memories of church or religion in general from my childhood.  When I was old enough to make my own decisions, it was easy to decide… never going back.  My sister, however, did give church a second chance.  Thank God she did.

She had been going to The Gathering for several months and repeatedly invited me.

I’m surprised she didn’t just give up on even asking since I turned her down so many times.  In January of this year (2012), I decided to go just one time.  I went with a very pessimistic opinion that this would never work for me.  With full anxiety, I climbed to the very top row of the theater, in hopes that I wouldn’t even be noticed.  Something amazing happened, I actually enjoyed church!  None of the words I had used to describe church were going to fit in this place.  In the past I thought of church as: cold, judgmental, formal, restrictive… the list goes on.  Pastor Dave’s church was warm, welcoming. open-minded, loving, accepting…etc.  It was as if the Pastor was speaking directly to me.  I mean, his message was exactly what I needed to hear, and how I needed to hear it.  Wow!  I’ve never missed a Sunday since that January day.

Who would’ve thought that one man can have such a deep impact on a life in three months?  Each Sunday, I learned things that would change the course of my week, and ultimately my life.  My mind and my heart have been sponges, soaking up Dave Foster’s messages of hope, love, life, and happiness.  No one could have prepared me for his passing as well as he did.  In his last sermon on April 1, he said no matter how old someone that you loved was when they passed, it would be too soon.  He also shared a story where a friend of his had asked how he would react if he were to lose one of his own children at a young age.  His response was that he hoped that he would be able to thank God for the gift of that child and the time he had been given with her.  These words have brought me so much comfort throughout his passing.

I know I always had the love of Jesus Christ, but thanks to Dave and Paula Foster, I finally FEEL it!  Yea God!  Pastor Dave spoke of leaving a legacy and being remembered for how he made people feel.  Wow… talk about accomplishing your goal!  Just from reading some of the posts online in various social medias, I can see that his legacy was amazing.  So many people were inspired to be better thanks to David Foster.  I am extremely thankful for finding The Gathering, but I do have one regret… I wish I had found the Fosters years ago.

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I did not know Pastor Dave, but I am thankful for what he meant to my family, and to so many others. Sincere condolences, Emily

by emilyws on April 12, 2012 at 2:34 pm. Reply #

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