My Journey with David Foster – Part II: Curveball in 2006

by TomR on April 5, 2012

Part I

From 2003 to mid 2006, we loved going to BCC and hearing David Foster speak The Word in his unique, thoughtful, compelling, joyous and often humorous way. And we loved the great music and getting involved as greeters and starting to make a number of new friends (many who are still friends today). Church life was better than I could have ever possibly imagined, and I was making some progress in my faith (at least I thought).

Then, one afternoon as we drove home from our Florida summer vacation in 2006, we got a call from Harriet Spear, a friend and fellow greeter: David Foster had been fired from BCC. Incredulous, I fumed and possibly had never been quite that pissed off in my whole life. After finding out a bit more, talking to a number of fellow parishioners who had been in town, I rush-ordered several hundred T-shirts protesting the “elders” decision:

Front: “Let’s Reclaim OUR church BCC”
Back: “& Bring Back David Foster”

It took all of the composure I could muster after hearing the BCC “elders” explanation in church not to help incite a riot. They incensed me even more. I gave away a few of the T-shirts to close friends, but the rest did not make it out of the back of my car. I had fantasized about a serious 60’s-style protest, but then something told me to give that up. It was basically a done deal. Our beloved pastor, Dave Foster, was gone. BTW, those T-shirts appropriately became rags to wash cars, floors, dogs, etc. – and were typically thrown out after one use (but I still have a few). A year later I asked Dave if he wanted a couple to clean his bikes, but he did not take me up on that offer. By that time, BCC was a distant memory.

As a parting shot, though, I did sit in the first row of “small group” elders meeting one evening for further explanation/indoctrination and gave the elders representative major static while everyone else just sat. Then, after trying BCC another Sunday we left for good.

But I was truly a lost sheep…and back then I felt that, indeed, God had left the building. How could he let something this happen (to me)? After a couple weeks we bounced around a few other churches… which made me gag. Nothing was going to replace David Foster. I was grieving big time then (and I am now), but also I was much less mature in my faith.

More Parts to come


Amen to the BCC deal. I loved Sundays at BCC until that. I never went back.

by Lisa Hurst on April 6, 2012 at 11:46 pm. Reply #

Yes BCC was great but all the responsibility made Dave “weird” and out of his element. Leaving was the greatest thing that ever happened for both parties.

by Eric_n_Stacey_Gardner on April 16, 2012 at 2:22 am. Reply #

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