My Journey with David Foster – Part I: The First Sunday in 2003

by TomR on April 4, 2012

It was nearly a decade ago at BCC when I got my first introduction to Dr. David Foster. A reluctant churchgoer back then, I’d attend annual Easter and Christmas services and, grudgingly, a Sunday here and there at a hoity toity West End area church…IF the weather was lousy for golf. My wife, who was not thrilled by that church either, had started scouting out new options. One Sunday she came back pretty excited. She had tried a church in Bellevue (not exactly convenient) and told me it was unlike any church she’d ever been to or even heard of – and that I might like it. I was intrigued and acquiesced to check it out.

The place was gigantic, the music was stunningly good, and Pastor Dave was even better: a master orator with an amazing gift…certainly unlike anyone I’d ever heard. Larger than life…but completely genuine…without one ounce of “phony,” he presented a refreshing, gritty, funny and very real version of something my soul had longed for: God’s Word in a way I could maybe finally understand and relate to…

From that first Sunday nearly a decade ago I was hooked. I have zero recollection of what David talked about that first Sunday (no doubt laced with various Davisms…e.g. “…Kentucky….where, of course, smoking is a spiritual gift”). But I remember that – listening to Dave – I started feeling better about myself. There was a spark of Hope. I also knew from that first Sunday that I could never go back to a “traditional” church again…ever, on any regular basis. With a young family and a wonderful new pastor, my priorities shifted immensely. I had been a “believer” before then, but that first Sunday, David Foster started me on the long journey of letting Jesus into my life and His transforming of my mind, heart & soul. I continue to be a huge work in progress, but it was the beginning of a true relationship with God.

Without David Foster filling up my bucket that first Sunday and then over 400 Sundays since then, I have no clue where I’d be right now…but I know that it would not be nearly as good. Thank you David.
More parts to come…

Part II

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