A Follower From Way Back

by Sally Thompson on April 3, 2012

I have been following Dr. Foster since the gymnasium days. First went as a visitor with a friend. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. He talked like a real person, not a preacher and in English, words that all could understand. Instantly I thought there must be something wrong with this guy.

I didn’t go back for quite some time, but something kept pulling me, so I went back on my own. Again, he spoke in terms that I totally understood. He was speaking right at me, I could feel it. Surely this couldn’t be a “real” church.

How can a pastor who doesn’t even know I exist be talking directly to me? How did he know how I was feeling at that exact moment? Did he have someone following me?

Now I was scared. So I didn’t go back for a while longer but again I felt the pulling on my heart. Back I went and again he spoke direct to me and told me how heavy my heart had been. How did he know this?

I finally realized that it wasn’t him that was speaking to me but that it was GOD speaking to me through him. What a blessing to be able to relate the word of GOD to a person like me. I haven’t missed very many Sundays since and when I miss a Sunday it would just set the tone for the whole week.

When our hearts have beaten for the last time, there’s only one thing that God will be looking for at the gates of eternity: Jesus, His Son, with His arm around you saying, “This one’s with Me.” “YEAH GOD!!”

I owe so much to Dr. Foster. . .THANK YOU for making understand this!!
My thoughts and prayers are with you Paula and whole Foster family.

Sally Thompson

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