A gift that I will treasure

by cyllusmom on April 3, 2012

It is with a very heavy heart and an over abundance of sadness that I am writing this note.

Dr. David Foster changed my life.  My husband, in his ever present logic, went on a search for spiritual guidance for his family.  ‘The Gathering’ was placed in his lap.  And we are forever grateful for that gift.

I had not attended “church” in many years…I heard David speak, and my life changed.  He accepted and welcomed me, my husband and all of our messiness.  I will be forever grateful.  We had the pleasure of attending Dave and Paula’s “Making Marriage Fun” event; and are so thankful that we did.

Thank you Dr. Foster for changing my mind about God and the church.  You’re wisdom and guidance will continue to lead my family.  You were a gift to us and we feel blessed for the time that we had.  What an amazing example of faith, devotion and love you have been.  Yea God for the gift of you!!

I trust that you are enjoying the beautiful scenery on your Harley as I type this.

I pray for love, light and strength for your partner, friend and wife on her continued journey.

With Love, and the knowledge that I’m still “in one piece”, I want to say “Thank YOU”.

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