A Good Shepherd

by brandonheath on April 3, 2012

To Dave’s Family,

I want to thank you for allowing Dave to serve for so many years this community of people who needed a good shepherd. Although I have never attended one of his services, my mom has attended and been a member of his church since the late 90’s. She went through a very hard time in her life where I as a son felt ill-prepared and qualified to help. Dave and his church at the time, Bellevue Community, brought Jesus back into my mom’s life. Jesus alone was the only thing she needed, and Dave helped lead her right back into His arms. I will always be so thankful for that.

A family sacrifices a lot when the head of that family is a pastor. I don’t take that lightly. Thank you for allowing him to live out his purpose. One thing I remember most about that darkest time in my mom’s life was something she brought home from church, “Yay God!”

With a Thankful Heart,
Brandon Heath
Recording Artist

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