A wide-open Christian

by dan5747 on April 3, 2012

Most Christians I know are heavily steeped in their own history and culture.  Sometimes it’s difficult to find the authentic Jesus in what they say, do or live.

Not with David Foster.  He was the most wide-open Jesus follwer I’ve ever met.

Rather than being quick to judge anyone who was different he would eagerly jump at the chance to engage in conversation with that person – be they Buddhist, Muslim, gay or straight, Baptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran or atheist.  His solid faith was totally transparent and magnetic but he was never one to judge or condemn.

David was part of a Wednesday morning group of guys we call The Eagles.  At times we had to gang up on him to control his passionate enthusiasm about a controversial topic.  He brought a level of whole life interaction never experienced by many Christians to our little group and challenged each of us to higher levels of passion in our own faith walk.

His outspoken voice and larger than life presence will be greatly missed.  But his heart, spirit and Godly influence can not be stopped by physical death as evidenced by all the messages here.

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