Dark Horses…

by Robert on April 3, 2012

Like for so many people, David Foster’s gregarious boy-like enthusiasm and grace filled humor came to me at a critical juncture in my life. In our walk with Christ, the right messenger often appears as if by divine appointment and when it came to a desperate need for encouragement, David Foster was tailor made. Sometimes controversial and always unabashed and unapologetic in his mission, his passion was palatable. During difficult times in life, we often resonate with those holding the light. Those that remind us┬áthat God is in control and that his grace is deep and wide. Some pastors light a match and illuminate those truths that we know but have lost touch with feeling. David carried a flame thrower.

I’ve played electric guitar in churches most of my life and ended up playing at BCC regularly for many years. I live in another state now and still play. This past Sunday, we played a Switchfoot song called “Dark Horses” that I feel was unknowingly at the time my tribute to Dr. Foster.

Maybe it’s being from Kentucky or the fact that I’ve always viewed him as an underdog. I’ll always remember his story of his high school graduation speech. Many classmates were going off to impressive universities and Dave, the class jokester, stood up and said “Hi, I’m Dave and I’m going to get a job!” He later went out to the school parking lot, lit a cigarette, and felt the weight of the world on him as being so greatly insignificant. That what inspires me most about the life of David Foster. Seeing what God does with those of us seemingly least likely. Thank you for staying true to your call David and for touching my life so profoundly. And run Dark Horse.

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Your first paragraph was a wonderful tribute and one great piece of writing! Thanks!

by mellfletcher on April 3, 2012 at 9:02 pm. Reply #

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