Exposed: Emerging Church Pastor in Fancy Office

by Dave Seldon on April 3, 2012

We made this video in August, 2007, in the early days of The Gathering’s meeting at the current theater, when, for several months, the only space that the theater had for David Foster to have privacy to prepare for services was a utility closet. And each Sunday morning, it was full of various gear that had to be removed before his “desk” could be set up for him.

We made this video as a bit of a spoof about complaints from others in the Christian community about how these new and “emerging” churches were being led by self-aggrandizing men who were more concerned with secular, trendy style & comfort than the substance of Christ.

Here is the introduction to the video that we wrote on the original video page:
“Dr. David Foster, pastor of The Gathering Nashville, exposed in his plush office. Typical of the vain, superficial and selfish emerging church planter movement.”

The video got lots of views and still gets comments. Many of the commenters “get it”, but sadly, many don’t. Despite being relegated to a shabby storage closet for an office, David Foster was having a ball!

One comment

David Foster had, and the Gathering Nashville clearly has a central place in the life of my son, David, and his wife, Debbie. I had only one time when I joined in the “gathering”, but found it an inspiring place and group — devoid of pretension — honest and plain good. Much like David Foster.

I join in giving thanks for the life he led, and the continuing life of Gathering Nashville.

Horace Seldon

by Horace Seldon on April 3, 2012 at 4:54 pm. Reply #

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