by jimlong on April 3, 2012

Sunday mornings were for relaxing, eating a great brunch, reading the paper etc…

Early one Sunday morning, I was up watching a TV preacher speaking on the subject of  Grace.  I heard the word come out of the TV, but really did not think much about it.  Our family had plans to visit a church called BCC. They met in the Bellevue Middle School Auditorium.  Some friends told us we may like it.

At this time, my thinking was that  Jesus was a special person, a Teacher, but I had never considered him as a Savior.

We listened to this goofy preacher guy at the Bellevue Middle School.  I was highly entertained and having a wonderful time. Coincidentally, the message that morning was on the subject of Grace!  It had never been explained to me in a way that made any sense before.  Never in a way that was not threatening or complicated, or full of thine and thou art.  But this time, something really clicked on.  “You don’t have to believe this stuff,” said the preacher, and he would crack a good joke and everybody would laugh.  “There are no perfect people,” he would say.  Bam! I understood, and something inside of me had clicked on!  I understood that all I had to do is admit that *I* was not a perfect person,  ask Jesus to for forgiveness, and I would be saved.  GRACE!  Suddenly,  I know this on a very deep level.  In my heart.

Not much after that, I awoke in the middle of the night and the clock said “3:16” — at that moment my life changed forever!

I know that it was God who was actually calling for me… But it was the goofy preacher, who God was using as a caller.

Dave, I know will see you again and I look forward to it with great joy!


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