I thank God for you David Foster

by Gina on April 3, 2012

David, your passing has left us not only in shock but has left a huge hole in our hearts. I had just printed out your DaveRave message Monday morning about this past Sunday’s worship “How to cure burn-out”. Printouts like these are taped around my office from over the years to remind me of your wise messages. Than I get the call from a church friend of horrible news. No way – I didn’t believe it. It had to be a cruel April fool’s joke. It became worse yet, it was true. I cried. I was afraid and in my selfishness I can only think that I am going to be lost without him.

David, I will miss you so much. You don’t even realize how much you helped me. Back at the BCC, over a decade ago, I was lost, in deep pain, and my life was at a place where I lost hope. I believed in God, I just didn’t love me and was convinced I must have deserved the pain I received somehow. I had experienced the harsh reality of a life of lies and abuse from those I trusted, and also the hypocrisy in the church (the arrogance and hierarchy). I began not to like people at all. I only tolerated life. I was broken. I didn’t trust churches anymore either. I was a single mom but I did want my child to experience the great feeling I felt when I was very young child as a Pastors kid in the church. So I would bring my daughter to different church Sunday schools and wait out in the parking lot alone until it was time to pick her up.

One day I received a card in the mail from Pastor David Foster inviting me to come to a church that was different from other churches. I walked into his service the next Sunday as a skeptic only to prove to myself that this church was going to be the same as the others. David spoke on a topic that hit home. From a topic about wrongdoing and abuse, I remember his words “I know you are in pain, and it hurts me. You didn’t deserve it. But listen. Don’t let them or it control your life. Pull up your boot straps and take your life back. You are loved…” I walked out of service crying, hiding my tears, hoping no one noticed. I went back the next Sunday. I followed David from that point, than later mobile to Maxwell House, to Green Hills, and finally Franklin. David saved my life and I became a better mom and person.

I remind myself daily of his message to ‘get up; show up; love God, love yourself, act on your love to your family and friends; and contribute to helping others and make a difference in this world’. David emphasized the positive and to “embrace today and enjoy it. Don’t stress on the future or burden in the past – move forward with passion and be a role model of God’s love.” His words saved me.

David, you brought me back up from the bottom and back to trusting people again and enjoying going to church again. And most important you helped me believe in myself again and rely on God’s unconditional love and support. Every day I pray and carry that around in my heart. I am proud to be one of God’s ambassador. David thank you for everything!! I know you are sitting up there looking over us and saying “Yea God” with your hands in the air.

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David Foster, you are the only pastor who made me want to go to church. Your messages on Sunday inspired all of us and you taught us what it really means to be a Christian, a follower of Jesus. Thank you my friend.
I love you man.

Randy Weber
P.S. I’m “Hacked Off” that I wont be able to see your smiling face again and hear your awesome messages.

by Randy Weber on April 3, 2012 at 3:53 pm. Reply #

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