Inspiration Magnified

by tim on April 4, 2012

My heart is so heavy following the news of Brother Dave’s passing while I am on vacation here in San Antonio. Dave was inspiration magnified and upsized.

I first met Dave while working with him and his team to design a building for BCC; the church he and Paula had planted just a few short years before. We were walking the raw land for what would later become Hope Park. Dave pulled up in a sporty Camaro; I didn’t even know he was the founding pastor – and begin to lay out his ambitious plans as we walked the land.

He inspired me with his vision of what he believed God wanted the building (but more imporantly the “church”) to be….so much so that my wife and I began attending BCC after years of not having a church home. Dave never stopped inspiring me…to be a better man, and realize that God seeks renegades!

We stopped attending BCC after we moved to Franklin, but I continued to be inspired by all the things he went on to do serving others. His daily tweets were always anticipated jolts of realism, peppered with common sense and ways to better one’s self for the Kingdom.

We will miss you brother. Our prayers are for strength, guidance, and continued hope through Jesus Christ for Paula and girls. Dave always reminded us that every person, at any given time is either going thru troubles in life, coming out of troubles, or about to go into trouble. There are no more troubles for you in this life my friend, but thank you for showing so many of us how to deal with real life in the real world with grace and dignity.

I so regret being out of town this week and won’t be able to visit with you and your family one last time.

With the deepest respect, love, and admiration.

Tim Lambe

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God is using y0ur death to speak to my husbands heart. Could it be that you will do even more for us now than you did in life? Thanks Dave for being a flawed human who so loved Jesus.

by Lk on April 6, 2012 at 8:12 am. Reply #

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