Thank you Dave! You will not be forgotten!

by charissec on April 3, 2012

I appreciate so much all that Dave and his family has brought to my life and my families lives!

He always said: People won’t remember you for what you had, but they will never forget how you made them feel” This couldn’t be more accurate. I will never forget the joy, inspiration, HOPE, and HEALING, that he brought to my life and so many others lives.

I am over come with emotion and sadness, I know Dave had so much more to share and I had so much more to learn. He would have said to me  “you will always have more to learn, and no matter when this happened it would be painful”. I know this would be true, but the shock is overwhelming.  I first met Dave in 1992 at the good ole age of 16. I’ve moved out of state and moved back in some of the years in between, and never been able to find a place that made me feel like Dave did every week. You will be truly missed and forever loved. Your memory will live on forever and I have no doubt your message will too.

I can only imagine the shock of Paula and the girls.  I hope you can have some peace in knowing how Dave will live with us forever and no one will ever forget how he made them FEEL! You are all in my thoughts and prayers!

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David Foster taught me one of the most important lessons I have ever learned in my life. He taught me through his words, and his life that what leaves an impression on this world, the people in your life, and truly can change the world is not how well you obey all the rules. Rather (and so thankfully so) its how big your faith is, and how much you love God and others… (no matter how imperfect your ways and methods) that really matters.

He also reminded me at time when I felt completely lost, of the story of the prodigal son… and that no matter HOW far wrong I have gone, my loving Father in Heaven will always come RUNNING for me when he sees even just turn to begin my journey back to him; and will bestow upon me everything he has to offer. And further, that all he is to offer is goodness, and MERCY, and those things will follow me all the days of my life.

I love you David Foster, and your family. You brought peace and love to people and you never let your perceived flaws stop you from doing it. I believe now that you have realized in full just how perfectly you were created, and always were… even here on earth in your dash.

Steve Lamm

by Steve Lamm on April 3, 2012 at 6:20 pm. Reply #

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