The Circle Of Life

by auntsusanelaine on April 4, 2012

April 24, 2007: Larry and I stand in a funeral home, next to a friend, receiving visitation for his wife. David and Paula came through the line of mourners. David gave Larry a word of encouragement. David whispered to me a word of thanks for a gesture I had made to his family. His encouraging and thankful words were not necessary but were treasured.

April 4, 2012: Today, Larry and I attended another funeral: David’s. I witnessed Larry encouraging many. I whispered a prayer of thanksgiving for the 14 years I was blessed to have David speak God’s word into my life.

Dr. David H. Foster 1953 – 2012
In David’s “dash” he truly did “inspire greatness.”

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My husband is a Christian because during Dr. Dave’s BCC years, one of our friends said “You gotta come check out this church…it’s motivational, it’s upbeat…you gotta come.” We came. I’m in ministry and a worship leader because of what I saw Dr. Dave do in the church, and brought that with me when we moved away from Nashville. People I used to work with got so sick of hearing “At my old church, BCC, we used to_____” 🙂 What I saw possible through Dr. Dave was what led to the first time my heart was captured to serve Jesus in the context of church. I’ll never forget my first Sunday at BCC, sobbing to learn that I could worship that way…having retreated from the comparatively lifeless church I grew up in. Today, I’m a church planter, still learning from Dr. Dave, though from a distance. Just grateful…..and our prayers go out to his family and The Gathering church….The impact on this world continues to multiply through the power of Christ using Dr. Dave as a very effective vehicle. Here in in heaven, always an inspiration, an example, and a real guy.

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