The dash isn’t long enough

by theinsurancemafia on April 3, 2012

Dave often touched base on the “dash”, or “even at 99 it’s still too soon”. You could run his dash around the world and it couldn’t hold all the great things about him.

Thank you Dave and Paula for sitting with April & I when the storm clouds came in.

Thank you for confirming my original belief that all this “religion” isn’t helpng.

Thank you for being so great that my teen daughters usually wanted to hear you rather than be with the other kids.

We still have your books, CD’s, Paula, the girls, and The Gathering. IT IS TIME FOR US TO STAND UP. FOR US TO ALL BE DAVID FOSTER.

Now more than ever….we need to Gather.

Love you Dave. Love you Paula.

Joe, April, Rayn, Jayd, & Madison Graves

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A Great Teacher, A Great Inspiration, David is unforgettable. A great loss.

by Stanley T Sichel on April 6, 2012 at 12:41 am. Reply #

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