A Tough Day Yesterday Saying Goodbye To Our Friend and Incredible Pastor David Foster

by Facebook on April 5, 2012

My heart hurts this morning after a tough day yesterday saying goodbye to our friend and incredible pastor David Foster. David was just not the kind of guy that comes along every day. Whether you spent 10 minutes or 10 years with him, your life was different. He had boundless energy, a passion for Jesus that you just can’t fake, and a gift for speaking TRUTH that I’ve never seen before.

He was a true “Renegade for God” and we celebrated his life and ministry yesterday in a way that would have made him smile. Nothing happens to us that isn’t “Father Filtered”, so instead of spending time questioning God, I am choosing to thank him for the time I had under Dr. Foster’s wings. He has prepared us well……so now it’s up to us to get up, suit up, show up, and keep doing the NEXT right thing. We will REST IN THE HOPE of Jesus knowing we will meet him in heaven one day soon! We mourn with HOPE!

Thank you Pastor Dave for challenging us not to settle, not to sour, and for spending every moment of your life and ministry helping “messy” people feel welcome and loved again. None of us will ever be the same after having known you. Our hearts are broken, but we are rejoicing that you are singing with the angels today.

via Facebook –┬áKaryn Williams

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