Where Real People Face Real Problems

by Callen on April 4, 2012

(sent to me by Randy M)
My favorite personal memory was from 1996 when a friend called me in tears at the old Summit office in Green Hills because her husband had slashed his wrists with a box cutter.

She went to BCC (as did I then).

I rushed out there to clean up his blood and stay with her until her sister arrived from Colorado. David was there when I arrived.

He showed up because that’s what He expects of us. To show up for His glory.

I think our pop culture mindset gets in the way of this far too often, and David – even though he was enormously entertaining – had a deep, abiding understanding of the issues that embracing the world and finding favor from the world often invoked that skewed or even glossed over His image and His glory.

This may sound strange, but we always act as if the loss of those who became popular is somehow more tragic than the passing of the least of these. Sadly we get so caught up in someone’s appeal in the world as if that’s the real sign of God’s favor. David got this – understood this – and struggled with it often, always striving to err on the side of His favor and glory.

I think of people like my mom and dad who quietly, with virtually no notoriety, touched many without any earthly recognition. Or someone like my brother who gives all of what he has though he struggles. I think of you, striving, stretching, and straining to help me through tough times. These acts of heartfelt sacrificial service are profoundly beautiful, deeply personal, and are often overlooked or dismissed or get frustrating 🙂

I think we can honor David’s passing best by being true to so much of what he worked to draw attention to – the one real true hope for real people with real problems in a hurting world. Back at BCC, he used to jokingly refer to a lot of his service as “the show.” He understood the need to grab attention and entertain, but in his spirit and heart, he knew whom He must serve – the Word made flesh, the Holy Spirit, Our Lord and Savior, our loving Creator and Father.

The catch phrases, flair for the dramatic, and gifted public persona were borne of Love – rooted in the Spirit – devoted to His service, glory, and favor.

David touched that place in us where real people face real problems in the fallen world – He touched us from that same place from which he touches now – the heart of our loving, faithful God – with each breath of the Holy Spirit and with each step walking in the Light of Jesus Christ.

It’s all about the Love, my friend.

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