by rlyda13 on April 5, 2012

I would like to say what a amazing family Dave has everyone has been so strong .  I wish I could have that strength that Paula and the girls have then I hear Dave’s voice (All things are possible with GOD) and I can only shake my head and smile (he always hit the nail on the head didn’t he).

Paula and her family have  been so wonderful during this calling Dave home. It is still very numbing and unbelievable  yet still I know deep down he is home right were he belongs planning the next great move with GOD!! YEA GOD !! and DAVE!!

Even though my heart breaks and the tears wont stop I am still driven by Dave’s words get up suit up show up and do the next big thing, just thinking about his dash makes me excited wanting to go out and do so much more for those who are lost and need a gentle hand to help them find their way back to our father the way David helped me.

Thinking about David’s dash wow! I thought about it for quite a while trying to reason on  how a person could do all the things he was able to accomplish in a short time  I just couldn’t see how it was possible. Then it hit me one of his favorite sayings WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!

So true I have been worried about what will happen to me and my family at the gathering and the answer has been there the whole time WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!! so I will sleep without fear tonight for I know in my heart and soul we will be just find my family will be strong the gathering will continue to grow and spread GODS word in a way that will lead others to GOD and lead them to the truth WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!

You just have to believe.

Today I did not have the strength to get up and go after going and seeing how many lives our earth bound leader had touched and helped tomorrow I will get suit up show up and do the next best thing!! Because as our now Heavenly brother which I sorely miss says WITH GOD ALL THING ARE POSSIBLE !!!!    YEAAAA GOD !!!!

WE LOVE YOU DAVE we miss you an awful lot but with GOD we will be just find that you have shown me and shown me well.

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